James 2gd harding game

If you let Twitter tell it, James Harden rolled out onto the Toyota Center floor for his preseason debut Tuesday night with jelly donut crumbs stuck in his beard and a Santa Claus paunch poking out from underneath his Rockets jersey. It all started when a photo got posted on Twitter and call it a bad angle or the TV cameras adding 10 pounds, whatever it is, Harden looks overweight in the photo.

Fortunately, Houston Chronicle photographer Mark Mulligan was at the game and took plenty photos of Harden those are at the top of the pageand guess what? He looks pretty much like he's looked throughout his career.

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He's probably slightly heavier than when we last saw him in the NBA bubble but definitely not alarmingly so. It's certainly not unusual for a player who missed the first week of training camp to be out of shape, and Harden has plenty of time to work himself into better condition, so that's not a concern.

Rockets win first game without James Harden: ‘It was fun’

The biggest question hanging over Harden's return was: How much will he care? Multiple reports have made it clear Harden wants to be traded out of Houstonand preferably to the Brooklyn Nets so he can team up with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

So far, the Rockets have held firm that they'll be hanging on to Harden and try to show him how good his current team can be with the additions of John WallChristian Wood and DeMarcus Cousins. In his first action of the season, Harden seems to still care about the Rockets a lot, even in a preseason game. Late in the first quarter of a meaningless win over the Spurs, Harden whipped an outlet pass to a streaking Danuel House Jr.

After the Spurs called timeout, Harden immediately called together House and rookie Jae-Sean Tate for some emphatic instructions. That certainly wasn't a scene of a man disinterested in his current team.

As for the game, Harden had 12 points and four assists in 21 minutes and new head coach Stephen Silas seemed pleased. He does so many things on the floor on and off the ball. Defensively, he has good hands and makes plays.

To have him out there was great.

Is James Harden Playing Tonight? Nets Guard Gears Up For Second Game For Nets

Most Popular.The 3rd day of the Winter Major will feature no production crews as they were fired by Gaben Newell himself. Two things:. Some Valve people lobbied to bring him back for Shanghai, feeling that he deserved another chance. That was a mistake. They will be replaced, and we hope to get this turned around before the main event. As always, I can be reached at gaben valvesoftware.

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A day ago, before the Day 2 of the Major started, James announced that he was ripped off his hosting duties and will not continue. The news just brought bitter and sweet reactions not only from co-casters and players but also from the community as a whole. Also, the production company was also held responsible and was fired. According to Newell, the company will be replaced and we, Dota 2 Fans, can only hope that this gets turned around before the Main Event kicks in.

I say this now, because I believe in telling my view. Even if I am in the right or wrong. Meanwhile, the talents that was initially sent to Shanghai are now working their best together to put on a new production crew and sources. We hope that this can be resolve before the end of the day. They are the same company who were responsible for the production of Nanyang Championships in Singapore. Back then, Nanyang also have some fare share of technical issues during the event.

Raw streams now pic. Only the easel survived Gabe's wrath… pic. I believe this means we won't be doing any panel today but only casting the games due to production limitations. TBD homies. Dota stepping it up this year MakeDotaGreatAgain. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Two things: 1 James. Gabe A day ago, before the Day 2 of the Major started, James announced that he was ripped off his hosting duties and will not continue.

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With the rest of the studio, he hosted The GD Showa self-described, 'no fluff' esports talk show. SinceThe GD Studio has stopped producing eSports content and switched its focus to game development. The release is scheduled for spring-summer Both of his parents are self-employed; his father was an entrepreneur and self-made millionaire and his mother created a business in the events industry. He attended the University of Gloucestershire and studied to become a systems analyst, but dropped out during his second year.

His parents fully support 2GD in his choice to make a career for himself in esports and they make an effort to follow the events in which he takes part.

He played badminton for his county and was seeded first in that county for Badminton players. He trained with the southwest England team but did not make the team because he was too young. He had an incident while warming up for badminton where in he lost the ability to bend his knees for around a year and a half but retained the ability to walk albeit somewhat awkwardly and in his own words he walked "like a penguin". His grandparents then took money they had been saving and put it towards the cost of a computer.

Thus he discovered online leagues for the games he was playing and this became his entry into competitive gaming.

james 2gd harding game

He then transitioned into more of a caster role as his skill level in Quake decreased relative to others and later he went on to cast for the likes of MLG, ESL and DreamHack. He quit ESL after disagreeing with an event that he was set to cast. James then, with the little money he had left, gave a presentation to the developers of "BloodLine Champions" BLC detailing what he could do for the company, and for the game, and was subsequently hired.

He then made an attempt at raising 2.

James Harden may be able to play in Rockets’ next game after partying debacle

He spoke to an investor and they were interested but not in doing a small project they wanted to invest million dollars and making the game an MMO. He ended up trying to cut costs and make the game using only a quarter of a million dollars.

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The game was set to be called "Reborn" and would have been free to play with a pay element to buy maps beyond the original maps developed by community members the incentive being that the creator could make money from the map and other non-intrusive non-"pay to win" pay measures. The project was paused while he built up his "GD studio" [9]. This was a result of thoughts he had when affiliated with ESL; he wanted a project that was completely his own vision.

The project's mission in the words of 2GD, once he started with Twitch. TV, he wanted "to start a side project that helped Twitch. TV, helped esports [and] give opportunities to commentators". The whole project was funded with around 20, euros, of his own money, and is turning over aroundeuros a year gross profit. His plan is to have all his staff earning at least 30, euros a year, which he has all but accomplished bar one person.

He pays himself nothing.

Here's how Rockets' James Harden really looked in his preseason debut

The plan for the future, of the project, is to work with large events producing their content and hosting LAN tournaments themselves. Later he wants to give members of the organisation their own segments, to allow them to have their own platform on which to stand.Talking to itmeJP via Skype, 2GD was in his bedroom, with his bed covered in red-and-orange tile sheets and an Inter Milan flag draping his wall in the background.

As FireFrog listened, one statement caught his ear: 2GD wanted to make a game. FireFrog, who has never disclosed his real full name online, had never built a game to release, but inhe took a sabbatical from his job and dug his teeth into learning more about game development.

He knew coding -- he worked in enterprise and business-to-business engineering -- and now had the opportunity to learn new skills and toy with the idea of building a game on his own.

He worked on a massive, multiplayer online game, then a real-time strategy title, but his one-man team couldn't handle everything. He lacked knowledge, especially on the marketing and community fronts. In an act of confidence, FireFrog messaged the thenyear-old British commentator and pitched his services. In three days, FireFrog assembled a prototype for an arena first-person shooter, the genre made famous by Quake.

He told me to come to Stockholm to chat, and we started from there," FireFrog said. Nearly eight years after their first encounter, 2GD and FireFrog published their first closed beta of a game named Diabotical. More recently, 2GD said, he was asked for a beta code by someone looking to have Dennis "Thresh" Fong -- one of Quake's first professionals -- give Diabotical a go. Online, Diabotical has received notable interest, and after three weeks of closed beta, it has more than 28, Twitter followers.

The goal for 2GD and FireFrog, the founding developers, is to make a game made by gamers, one for which community and competitor feedback is taken seriously and changes are made more quickly than by AAA developers such as Overwatch developer Blizzard Entertainment or Quake developer id Software. What started as an offhand comment on an interview has blossomed into a stable, fun and competitive game. Here's how it was made. After their online encounter, FireFrog began making frequent trips to Stockholm, where 2GD lived and produced content.

james 2gd harding game

Soon, both realized that if the prototype they were working on were to be ironed out fully, FireFrog would need to move closer, so inFireFrog moved across the continent from Spain to Sweden. Around then, 2GD left Twitch but remained involved with the company, both as a consultant and with Twitch contracting his studio, the GD Studio, to produce content and tournaments on the platform.

As the industry continued to grow, 2GD was a smash hit, using his humor to break awkward moments and adding flavor to broadcasts. Through his hard work, 2GD earned himself a gig as the host of The International, Dota 2's multimillion-dollar event, inand Throughout his commentary and producing, 2GD found himself flush with ideas.Christian Wood had 27 points and 15 rebounds, and the Rockets rallied to beat the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday night in their first game since trading away the franchise cornerstone.

San Antonio forward Keldon Johnson had a career-high 29 points and Lonnie Walker IV added 16 points while tying a career-high with four 3-pointers. Houston sent Harden to the Brooklyn Nets in a four-team blockbuster trade on Wednesday.

Victor Oladipo, Dante Exum and Rodions Kurucs, who the Rockets acquired along with numerous draft picks and draft swaps for Harden, are not with the team yet. Harden remained publicly quiet through months of rumors about his unhappiness with the Rockets, but he broke that silence following a second blowout loss to the Lakers on Tuesday.

james 2gd harding game

The upheaval led to more minutes for the remaining roster, and they took advantage of it. And we had four or five guys who were out to lunch.

Brown had a wild, overhead shot land on the top of the backboard for an out-of-bounds call with 9. Tucker, who made two free throws to seal it. DeRozan had 13 points, seven assists and six rebounds in his return from a two-game absence due to personal reasons. Read Next. Answering the lingering Nets questions after James Harden By Associated Press. View author archive Get author RSS feed. Name required.

Email required. Comment required. More On: nba. Answering the lingering Nets questions after James Harden blockbuster. Share Selection. Marc Berman. Joel Sherman. Sports Podcasts. Sports Odds. Get the latest odds on all the top sports. See Odds.

james 2gd harding game

Land your dream job in with these 10 apps that are now on sale. You can get Coach Outlet's surprise Valentine's Day collection for up to 65 percent off. More Stories. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.With one blockbuster trade, James Harden was off to the Brooklyn Nets.

Now paired with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, Harden could help complete the franchise's championship dreams. Having made his debut for the Nets against the Orlando Magic, Harden dropped a triple-double to help lead the team to a victory.

Harden — playing for the Nets after months of waiting — made history during his first-ever game for the team. Now, Harden is the first player in the league to score a point triple-double with a team on a debut.

He finished with 32 points, 14 assists and 12 rebounds during the Nets' win. This is an unbelievable organisation from top to bottom". He added that all he has to do is go out there and play like the best version of himself while good things will happen on their own.

Before his Nets debut, Harden was being called out for being overweight, after having gained some kilos during the postseason. People on social media remained confused, wondering how he ended up losing so much weight in a matter of days.

Local broadcasts are also available in the USA. The Debate.

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Breaking News. The new Brooklyn Nets All-Star guard is set to play his second game for the team. Written By. Is James Harden playing tonight vs Magic?

New Nets star's weekend debut in jeopardy. Is James Harden playing tonight vs Lakers? Rockets star to feature despite trade rumours.

Is James Harden playing tonight? Rockets star in line to face Pacers. Is James Harden playing tonight vs Mavericks? Rockets vs Mavericks live stream details. Is James Harden playing tonight vs the Kings? Latest update on the Rockets star.I have the utmost faith in 2gd and am sure the game will be great, but I don't know that the audience exists for the game and no players, no game. I am stoked for this. I really hope this gets released and takes off, but skill-based games seem to be more of a niche thing.

Although with 2GD's "esports" connections there could be hope. Also, if you watch the whole thing, the ideas he has for this game are really top notch. If he is able to pull it off, this will be an incredible game with everything we like about FPS games. Made as a spectator sport, made for skill, made with new ideas about how to approach weapon and power-up usage. Very exciting. Just hope he can pull it off. What makes me excited for this game is how much attention he is paying to movement.

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Between the different physics for each robot and the different abilities, it seems like there is going to be a lot of variety in different styles movement. That's something you don't see very often with fps'.

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I'm liking the variety of different breeds of dueling characters you can play. Makes things interesting, will take a lot of playing with all characters to know the most optimal decision given the situations at hand. More playing, more things discovered, higher the skill ceiling grows; overall good for an eSport.

It's clearly got the competitive gamer in mind, and I trust 2gd to do it well. But will it have enough features to keep it newbie friendly, and give us the resources to improve? PUG system I heard him say matchmaking, so I guess it's sodemos, scrim-finder for team games? Not every quake player is still interested in quake, and the population for arena shooters is pretty much at an all time low. I wonder how he'll handle the first wave of players upon public release?

I can guarantee that there will be a significant portion of players who haven't even touched an fps that will come in, get stomped by the experienced FPS players, then denounce the game for being imbalanced.

It's early to tell, but another issue that arises is performance. Did he honestly admit the game runs on par with CS:GO? Boy, that's as ass-backwards as you can get if he were trying to sell the game. Hopefully that gets sorted out along the way.